"How to wear your boho style like a celebrity"

Celebrities are always stealing the spotlight in our favorite fashion trends. Celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi, says that celebrities love boho style because it's not only comfortable but they can wear it anywhere and look effortlessly chic! Celebrities have even inspired some of our favorite retailers to create their own lines of bohemian dresses just for us! If you're looking for a way to embrace your inner celebrity without breaking the bank, there are plenty of high-end pieces out there that will make you feel like an A-lister too.

Lilac and Mila was founded to inspire women all over the world to do all those things that they love whilst feeling as beautiful as they should. Lilac and Mila believe that although clothing isn’t everything when it comes to confidence – it sure does help you feel at your best & empowered every day, and a good outfit can make any girl feel ready to take on the world! Lilac and Mila was founded by women for women – and the aim was to create a business for everyone! A place where you can come to for fun, shop all your favourite styles and have a wonderful shopping experience.


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